Reduced salt content products

Kometa has reduced the salt content of the blue labeled products by 25%

Kometa is one of the biggest pork processors and a prominent market player in Hungary. Its balanced product development is the key of success. The company’s capacity allows the slaughtering and processing of 1,000,000 pigs and the production of 26,000 tons of cold cuts per year. The company has commercial relationship with all leading retail chains in the region. With more than 700 employees, Kometa is one of the largest employers in Kaposvár and Somogy County. Our Mission is to serve our partners and consumers with tasty, healthy products at affordable prices. We are committed to EFFICIENCY, INNOVATION and ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. We believe in positive progress and in the possibility of sustainable development. Our passion is taste and professionalism.

Kometa stands for conscious nutrition
Kometa pays particular attention to the promotion of modern nutrition, so it uses only and exclusively high quality raw materials in the preparation of its products. As a result of a continuous development the products of Kometa can be integrated into a conscious and diverse diet. As a major innovation, a premium ham family, manufactured without added phosphate content has been introduced to the market. “The high quality products of Kometa are free from additional glutamate, soy and gluten, and, depending on the type of product are lactose- and milk protein free.”