Environmental protection

Sustainable development is our goal


Kométa conducts its business with environmental protection and the interests of future generations in mind. We believe in progress and sustainable development as an opportunity.

We pay special attention to not only making our product packaging attractive but also reducing the amount we are using of it, as well as to handling production waste materials appropriately.

Our general goals in environmental protection:
  • Introduction of a selective (i.e. recycle-enabled) waste collection scheme for collective (mixed) communal waste materials
  • Minimizing air polluting emissions
  • Strengthening environmental consciousness
  • Keeping environmental noise load at proper level
New investment projects

The total value of all investment projects accomplished at Kométa in the past 10 years exceeds HUF 8 billion with such projects covering renovation of the salami maturing plant, extension of the slaughterhouse's capacity and other significant upgrades and improvements made in the packaging plant. Our factory has also seen multiple environmental and energetic improvements.


Our company has a major focus on accomplishing sustainable development targets. This sustainability report summarizes our major achievements which, through common objectives, may serve as a consistent foundation for discussions with our partners, suppliers and customers.

Reducing environmental load

Our wastewater treatment technology equipped with physicochemical and biologic treatment phases has been operating since January 2015. Treated wastewater is then transferred to the surface water course called “Kapos”. Thanks the complex technology, Kometa 99 Zrt. operates a system that meets the latest standard and BAT (Best Available Techniques) requirements. This technology allows for the prevention of environmental loads, a reduction in the overall environmental impact and a high-level protection for the entire environment.

Integrated pollution prevention and reduction

Our company operates by a license issued under the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC). Compliance with the environmental regulations set forth in the license along with the company's overall compliance with applicable, then-current environmental legal regulations is reviewed every 5 years. Our company was subjected to this comprehensive environmental protection review in 2015 which means that we are operating our business under full environmental protection control.

Environmental management

2015 brought a major step towards the company's environmental protection development efforts when our environmental management system (“EMS”) was implemented and certified to the MSZ EN ISO 14001:2004 standard.


We process exclusively high-quality pork (mainly originating from Hungary – some portion of this stock comes from our self-owned pig breeding site) under strictly controlled conditions.
Not only do Kométa products represent excellent quality, they are also free of added soy and gluten (while selected products are free of lactose and dairy protein as well). The meat content of Kométa products is well above the standards established for their respective categories. Most of Kométa's branded products do not contain added glutamate flavour enhancer. Meat content is in close relation with great taste and quality: the more meat a product contains, the more tasteful and healthy the product is and the less allergen it contains.
Adults in Hungary take about 5 to 18 grams (or even up to 18 grams) of salt every day in average. This average is significantly higher than the recommended daily intake of 5 grams. Kométa was amongst the first Hungarian companies to join the “Stop Salt Initiative” (Stop Só Program) announced by the Ministry of Health and the National Institute for Food and Nutrition Science (OÉTI, www.oeti.hu). By joining this initiative, Kométa has agreed to gradually and continuously reduce the salt content of its featured products. Accordingly, the salt content of our featured products has significantly reduced in the past few years. Through our product development efforts, we try to reduce salt content while preserving well-established tastes. In an effort to help our customers create and maintain a well-balanced and diverse diet and a healthy lifestyle, Kométa now indicates nutrient composition information, and in the majority of cases the recommended daily intake (RDI) as well, on product packages. We think it is important for customers to receive correct information on proper nutrition habits so that they get the chance to create their own diet in harmony with guidelines on healthy nutrition.

Health and safety at work

We are committed to providing our employees with a safe place to work at. All of our employees (100% of them) have received and undergo periodic training courses every year in the subject matter of health and safety at work, fire safety and industrial safety including in particular measures to be taken in emergency situations. We have performed mandatory Disaster Prevention and Recovery Drills (once every year since 2014). These drills enable us to check how familiar employees are with the training course materials and how prepared they are to act in a potential emergency situation.
The number of occupational accidents increased in 2015. Therefore, our company has put even bigger focus on the training of employees (both in classroom and in the field) to reduce the number of accidents.
In 2015, multiple authorities joined their forces to conduct a supervisory audit at Kométa. The audit concluded that Kometa had met all applicable legal requirements.
Also in 2015, the experts at Disaster Management (Katasztrófavédelem) designated KOMETA 99 Zrt. as a food production plant with essential importance for the national economy.

Improving health and well-being

Kométa is committed to healthy lifestyles and well-balanced nutrition. We contribute to our customers' health and well-being through continuous product development and initiatives.

Helping people's lives

Combined, we employ more than 600 persons at our site in Kaposvár, Hungary and in our office in Budapest, Hungary.
According to 2015 statistics, about two third of our suppliers were Hungarian and nearly 90% of the pork stock we purchased originated from Hungary.

Supporting the community in 2015

We support the initiatives of our home city Kaposvár, Hungary, including in particular efforts on improving the well-being of local children.

Providing assistance to civilian associations

We provided help to around 100 associations in 2015.
We have been cooperating with the Child Feeding Association (Gyermekétkeztetési Alapítvány) for several years.