Environmental protection

Our general goals regarding environmental protection:

  • minimizing outgoing waste and by-products
  • minimizing air pollution and wastewater emissions
  • increasing energy efficiency
  • new investments in the name of environmental protection

The investments at our company aim not only to increase capacity, but to protect the environment as well. We have our own heat recovery and wastewater treatment systems. Thanks to the closed loop energy recovery heating-cooling system, our energy consumption has reduced by 17%, and is constantly under the industry average. We clean more than 350 000 m³ of water every year thanks to our own sewage treatment plant, founded in 2015. With our boiler room, built in 2020, we use 10% less natural gas compared to the year prior, while our per unit consumption reduced by about 25% in 2020, even though we had 10% more slaughters than in the previous year.

We are the first meat processing and producing company in Hungary to have a by-product plant. This factory, established in 2020, allows us to use by-products from the slaughterhouse. The system created by this investment enables the on-site disposal and processing of up to 15 000 tons of waste per year. As a result of the operation of the complete system, we plan on producing 2300 tons of bone meal (that can be used to make fodder for animals) and 1300 tons of animal fat/oil (useful for the pharmaceutical industry).

The brown-field investment, started in 2020, will be realized in stages, while maintaining current production volumes. During this investment, we will use state of the art technologies in the production, energetics and service units. This will also contribute to the reduction of our CO2 emissions.

As a recognition of our pursuit of environmental protection, the Somogy Commerce and Industry Chamber has awarded us with the Somogy for Environmental Protection prize in 2020.

Kometa takes responsibility for environmental protection and preserving natural resources, therefore we are committed to meeting the requirements for the ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 standards.