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Please read these terms of use carefully! Please be advised that by accessing or using this Website, you automatically (i.e. without the need for any further statement from your side) accept the terms and conditions specified hereunder. If you disagree with these Terms of use, please stop accessing or using this Website and/or the Services contained herein.

1.1. Operator: This website is operated by Kometa 99 Élelmiszeripari Zrt. (hereinafter referred to as the “Operator”). The present document governs the terms and conditions for use of the Services accomplished through the access or use of the website kometa.hu, as operated by the Operator, and associated with the information society.

1.2. Operator’s Details

  • Company name: KOMETA 99 Élelmiszeripari Zártkörűen működő Részvénytársaság
  • Registered offices: HU-7400 Kaposvár, Pécsi utca 67-69.
  • Company registration number: Cg.14-10-300239
  • Competent registry court with jurisdiction: Registry Court of the Court of Justice of Kaposvár
  • Tax ID: 13749619-2-14
  • Community VAT number: HU13749619.
  • Bank account number: Managing banking institute: Erste Bank Hungary Zrt. - HUF: 11600006-00000000-95120731
  • Contact information: kometa@kometa.hu an electronic mail address regularly used by the Operator, at which the Operator can be contacted on a permanent basis.
  • Data protection ID: The Operator has been registered in the data protection register of NAIH with the following ID: NAIH-93873/2016; NAIH-79657/2014
  • Language of the contract: Hungarian;
  • Storage provider: The Operator performs the Services related to the information society through its self-owned storage space (KOMETA 99 Élelmiszeripari Zártkörűen működő Részvénytársaság, HU-7400 Kaposvár, Pécsi utca 67-69.).

1.3. Access or use of the Website: Both the access or use of this Website and the disclosure of information required for the use of the Services provided in the Website are voluntary. Information entered in the Website will be used by the Operator only to the extent required for the sufficient performance of the Services and in accordance with the methods, extent and scope specified in the Privacy policy available in this Website.

1.4. User: The User is defined as any visitor to the Website (kometa.hu) and anyone else who otherwise uses any Services provided in the Website (kometa.hu). Commencement of User's use of any element or item of the Services provided in the Website constitutes an acceptance of these Terms of use.

1.5. Rights to amendment: The Operator shall be entitled to amend these Terms of use at any time. The use of any Services provided in this Website by the User after amendment of these Terms of use constitutes the User's acceptance of the amended Terms of use. Any and all information associated with the Website and the Services provided therein as well as any additional documents available for download via the clickable links in these Terms of use (such as the Privacy policy and the Terms and conditions for prize games) shall constitute integral parts of this Terms of use by which all Users are legally bound.

1.6. Associated Terms of use: If the Website (kometa.hu) appears as a standalone profile in other websites or social media pages (whether accessed via redirecting links in the Website or otherwise (i.e. directly)), the policies and/or terms of use established by those websites and/or pages providing the particular services shall also apply to the Services provided in this Website, being binding in addition to these Terms of use.


2.1. Copyright: Unless otherwise specified, copyrights of any and all content in this Website (including but not limited to product descriptions, photos, figures, illustrations, product information, guidelines, Terms of use, Privacy policy, etc.) shall be and remain the property of the Operator of this Website without any limitation to time or territory and/or space. The User acknowledges and agrees that the illegal or unlawful use, the transcription or reproduction or any other type of abuse of any content downloaded from or accessed via the Website are prohibited and may involve disciplinary actions if and when performed. Upon violation of any copyright or other rights associated with the Website or of these Terms of use, the Operator immediately initiates legal action against the violating entity. By using the Website, the User automatically agrees and acknowledges that any copying or reproduction of the content of the Website or the use of content of the Website for any purpose other than those set forth herein constitutes an infringement (due to being in breach of these Terms of use) even if the content in question is not protected by any copyright.

2.2. Rights to amendment: The Operator of the Website reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings, before competent courts or authorities, against any entity committing or attempting to commit infringement by use of the Website. The Operator of the Website shall not be held liable for any infringement committed by a third party (i.e. other than the User and the Operator) against another User or Users.

2.3. Exercise of rights: If a User commits infringement in connection with the Website or its use or otherwise violates any other interests or rights of the Operator, the Operator shall be entitled to suspend the particular User's registration by immediately removing his/her details (whether personal or of other kind) and registration from the system. However, such details may remain subject to further processing after their removal in any proceedings related to the infringement or violation.

2.4. Content protection: Displaying the Website or any of its content in any other webpages is subject to prior written agreement.

2.5. Date Protection: It is the intention of the Operator of the Website to protect the personal details of the Website's Users against unauthorized use as much as possible. In performing its activities, the Operator protects the personal rights of the Website's visitors and the Operator's clients and complies with all applicable legal regulations including in particular the provisions of the Civil Code of Hungary and of Act CXII/2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information (hereinafter referred to as the “Information Act”). Data protection practices relating to the Website as well as the processing of Users' personal details are governed by the Privacy policy available in the Website and a copy of which can also be requested by electronic communication means.


3.1. Purpose of Services: The purpose of Services is to provide the Users with information concerning the Operator and any products, product events and product activities of the Operator to which Users show increased interest. Any and all information found on the Website is only informative, does not constitute any offer or proposal and has the sole purpose of drawing Users’ attention.

3.2. Rights to amendment: Operator reserves the right to amend or terminate/cancel any item of the Website content (kometa.hu) or modify, change or alter the appearance, content and/or function of such item without advance notice, or to display advertisements (whether self-owned or from third-parties), Operator's service demonstration content, or other content, in the Website.

3.3. Sending newsletters: The User is granted the option to request for or accept newsletters from the Operator. Subscribing to newsletters is voluntary and completely free of charge. Users may subscribe to newsletters either on paper form or via the electronic user interface. Subscribed Users explicitly agree to receive, at the email address entered during subscription, information and content specifically designed for advertisement purposes in intervals specified by the Operator with such information and content potentially including offers from the Operator or its business partners.

The User may unsubscribe from newsletters at any time, free of charge, using the Website's “Newsletter” section dedicated to this function.

3.4. Prize games: The rules applicable to prize games organized by the Operator may be reviewed and recorded on a separate web interface dedicated to such prize games.

The rules applicable to prize game(s) organized by a third party in connection with the activities and/or services of the Operator shall be pusblished by the organizer of the particular prize game(s). Operator shall not be held liable for the prize games (or the prizes awarded in such games) organized by third parties other from the Operator.

3.5. Web content: The Website incorporates regular, periodic publication of product and service content updated according to target users’ demand. Content may include but is not limited to news and updates on Operator's brands and products (e.g. promotions, special product offers, games, events, activities, motion pictures, etc.). Such content contains information about the Operator and its products the Operator targets Users through.

3.6. Customer service: The Operator operates a customer service facility to receive Users' comments, feedback and inquiries concerning the Operator's Services. The customer service can be contacted by electronic means at the email address kometa@kometa.hu.

3.7. Complaints management: The mailing address and electronic communication address (i.e. email address) used for managing possible client complaints and correspondences are the same as the Website's customer service contact information. Users may file complaints in written. If the User requests information or legal position in relation to the operation and/or activities of the Website or the Website's Operator, such request shall not qualify as complaint. Unless otherwise stipulated by law, the Website's Operator responses to written complaints (whether filed on paper or via electronic communication means) within eight (8) days in written.

3.8. User's violating behaviour: By using the Website, User agrees to comply with the terms and conditions specified herein along with all other provisions of legal regulations applying to the use of this Website. The User also declares to have proper knowledge of the legal consequences of any act or behavior in conflict with the law or the terms and conditions specified herein. In this regard, it is particularly prohibited to use any system or solution that aims at, allows for or may result in exploiting the Services in a manner expressly prohibited under these Terms of Use or terminating the servers used for the performance of Services, or that otherwise jeopardizes or compromises the intended operation of Services.

3.9. Legal consequences: The Operator reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings, before competent courts or authorities, against any entity committing or attempting to commit infringement in connection with the Website. Operator shall not be held liable for any infringement committed by a third party (i.e. other than the User and the Operator) against another User or Users. The Services may be used exclusively within the framework of the applicable, then-current legal regulations, in compliance with these Terms of Use and without violating any right of any third parties or the Operator. Should the Services be used by any User in conflict with these Terms of Use or the applicable legal regulations, or otherwise abused or misused by any User, the Operator shall be entitled to take legal steps required for accountability of the violating User(s).

If a third party or any authority or court files a claim or initiates a legal proceeding against the Operator on the legal ground of or in connection with a User's misconduct, the User shall be obliged to take any measures as required by the Operator and to compensate the Operator for any and all damages, property loss or expenses incurred by the Operator as a result of or in connection with the particular User's misconduct or violating behavior.

3.10. Liability: It is the Operator’s intention to provide the Services at the highest possible level of standard and with up-to-date technical background, and to provide Users with the most accurate information possible. However, Operator shall not be held liable for any damages or harms to interests, whether direct or indirect, arising out of or in connection with any errors or defects, inaccuracy or unsuitability of the applied programs and/or software products or for any errors that may occur outside or beyond the Operator’s control, including in particular loss of data or other claims arising out of or in connection with technical failures or breakdowns.

In addition, Operator shall not be held liable for the accuracy, completeness, actuality or timeliness of any content displayed on the Website. Characteristics of the Operator's products may occasionally differ from those published on the Website. Should the User submit any complaint or feedback to the aforementioned contact information concerning inconsistent product characteristics, the Operator shall respond within the specified deadline but shall not assume any additional liability in this regard apart from replying to the complaint or feedback.

Any User shall bear sole and exclusive responsibility and liability for their use of the Services. The Operator excludes any liability with regards to any damages, acts of infringement or other consequences arising out of or in connection with Users' acts, omissions or misconducts.

The Website contains links redirecting users to third-party websites. The Operator shall not assume any liability for and shall not control the content of such third-party websites.