Our goal is to guarantee the highest standard regarding meat quality.

  • We have a pig farming facility exemplary on a national level, where we raise pigs that provide higher yield and more tasteful, tender meat compared to common breeds.
  • Meat production is done under strict health regulations with the supervision of Kometa experts.
  • We exercise extreme caution in selecting our suppliers, with whom we maintain a long-term, close partner relationship. We only accept carefully selected ingredients from our partners, who raise and feed pigs in strict compliance with animal health regulations and under constant veterinary audits, with natural food, mainly in Hungary.

Responsible animal farming has many aspects: the cleanliness of the pig farm, providing enough space and toys for the animals, biological security, reception of livestock at the slaughterhouse and many more. KOMETA has set ambitious goals for itself and its suppliers, beyond what is required by the law.

BRC (Grade B), IFS Food (Foundation Level) and HACCP certificates ensure high levels of food safety and customer satisfaction.

Links for the certificates awarded to KOMETA:

BRC (2023)

IFS (2023)

HACCP (2022)