Our story started in a tiny village in the Alps, and continued at the slopes of the Somogy Hills. The parents of our CEO, Giacomo Pedranzini, were alpine shepherds in Italy, thus the love of animal husbandry and producing high-quality food has been a part of his life since his childhood. He arrived in Hungary in 1994 to continue the family tradition, and started working at the meat processing company in Kaposvár.

In 1999, there was a transfer of ownership at the factory, that’s when our company got the KOMETA ’99 Kft. name. Since then, many-many competitors had to close their gates, but Kometa continued to grow, and has become one of the largest pork and meat processing companies of the country.

The group of stockholders – in addition to the Italian Pedranzini and Ruffini families, as well as the town of Kaposvár – further expanded in May 2021 with MFB Invest Zrt. and the Zito Group, which enables us further development programs.


  • 1969: with the merger of the meat industry and animal transport companies, the Kaposvár Meat Factory is founded
  • 1994: the Meat Factory becomes privatized by Italians
  • 1999: after a transfer of ownership, the KOMETA ’99 Kft. name is born
  • 2006: the Pedranzini and Ruffini families gain majority ownership of the meat plant, continues to operate as a joint-stock company named KOMETA ’99 Zrt.
  • 2015: most of our products are made allergen-free
  • 2016: product development continues: our products are now free of additional glutamate
  • 2020: complete design change, restructured portfolio: due to our plans for international expansion, we’ve created the BUDABEST and PEDRANZINI SELECTION brands, the company now operates as KOMETA 99 Zrt.
  • 2021: capital increase worth 5.1 billion HUF, the start of a 5-year development program